LIFTING THE VEIL- A Play About Everything That Is Fucked Up in the World. (In development) A one-woman play about a young female activist trying to save the world. From environmental and climate issues, to war, poverty, systemic racism, corporate control, to gmo's, this play connects the dots to all of our world issues: Greed. The play is autobiographical and incorporates actual footage from numerous protests in Washington DC, NYC, NOLA and Miami. 

VOICES OF THE GULF- Wrote, directed, produced and performed in the premiere in April 2015 at The Producer's Club in NYC. Voices of the Gulf is an in-depth play about the disastrous BP Oil Spill, dissecting the events leading up to the spill, and the horrific aftermath. The play includes actual letters Yvonne collected in the Gulf of Mexico, from victims of the oil spill whose health has been affected. The premiere included musicians from the Gulf and a gallery of environmental art work, which Yvonne curated. 

PREHISTORIC LOVE- (Wrote, directed, produced, choreographed and performed) Prehistoric Love is an experimental physical-theater piece that takes place 200,000 years ago. No language. Just grunts, gestures and raw emotion. Woman is surviving alone in the jungle. Man finds woman. Woman has what Man wants. Man takes it. Woman uses her wits to persuade Man that he is better off with her alive than dead. They slowly form an instinctual bond & develop what Modern Humans now call love. Two Early Humans questioning & discovering what it means to be Human, what it means to love & their struggles of survival on this vast, vacant Planet Earth.  It premiered at the SITE Performance Festival in Brooklyn, as a part of Armory Arts Week.

AMERICAN BOB- (Conceived by Michael Sheriff. Co-written, co-produced, co-directed and performed) An experimental play about closeted homosexuality in corporate America, sexism in the work place, and a neurotic woman doing her best to break the glass ceiling. Premiered at Chez Bushwick Dance Theater, Ambush Series.

HEMIKRANIA- (Written, produced, directed and performed by Yvonne Gougelet) An experimental one-woman play about migraines and the dangers of pharmaceuticals. This physical piece delves deep into the psyche of a woman who suffers from a debilitating health issue and the struggles she must go through just to find relief. It premiered at the Tower Theater in Miami as part of the One Festival, in association with New World School of the Arts. It traveled to the Edinburgh Fringe Festival for a month long tour. It received four stars from the Scotsman Post.