Yvonne Gougelet is a playwright, theater producer, actress, activist and political & music journalist. She has performed in the theater for 20 years in nearly 50 plays in London, Scotland, Chile, NYC, Chicago, Miami & Tampa. She has written, produced, directed & performed in four original plays. She has appeared in films at Sundance, Tribeca Film Festival & the Cinemed Mediterranean Film Festival in France.

Her political work began in 2007 as a voting rights activist, having registered thousands of people to vote. The past ten years she's worked with numerous non-profit organizations wearing multiple hats, raising awareness about critical world issues.

She's currently preparing for a Florida tour of her 4th original play, "Voices of the Gulf", a play about the BP Oil Spill. When she's not performing or protesting, she's off taking photos at a concert or music festival. 

This site is an archive and portfolio of her life's work.